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UHealth Group has more then a decades experience in the healthcare sector, and is known for providing quality healthcare and valuable experience to all domestic patients through TeleMedicine. Our healthcare offerings is driven by discovery, innovation and a deep responsibility for the health of our communities  and is supported by a team of compassionate and dedicated medical professionals who have rich knowledge and experience in their respective domains.


At UHealth International Hospital we believe to standout comparing other hospitals by putting in efforts to make this healthcare facilitie a modern state of the art information technology unit, using Artificial Intelligence aimed at providing preventive and diagnostic solution with our AI Research & Development center, hence felicitating TeleMedicine Clinics across Pakistan’s rural areas and Internationally as well.


UHealth will be amongst Pakistan’s few hospital to have a proper Palliative Care unit. Defining characteristic of UHealth today is the ability to continually deliver great services in the medical field. For instance, UHealth International Hospital was among few Pakistani institutions that started with applications of adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) in clinical practice, more precisely, to use MSC for cartilage repair. UHealth’s orthopedic team, for the first time in the country, made a new medical alternative: the meniscal transplant, an hour-long, outpatient, arthroscopic procedure that uses donor tissue to replace damaged meniscus, which can dramatically slow the onset of arthritis. In addition to meniscal transplant, as of recently, we are also successful in applying a new biological treatment: meniscus replacement with the synthetic implant. Furthermore, we are in the process of developing stem cell lab to produce stem cells locally.


Our Mission

To create a network of primary, secondary and tertiary Healthcare Facilities across Pakistan and around the world connected through modern communication technology and using Artificial Intelligence aimed at providing preventive, corrective and maintenance Healthcare making it accessible, affordable and efficient.

Our Vision

To extend quality healthcare to every individual of Pakistan and beyond, using Innovative Technologies. Minimizing pain of unserved and underserved rural population when in need off medical assistance.

Chairman’s Message

Abdul Latif Chaudhry

I feel quite disturbed when I See humanity suffering due to medical issues and have difficulty in accessing proper medical help either due to distance or monetary constraints. I always had a dream. To create medical facilities that could be brought to the doors of the patient in pain. At UHealth we will be putting in efforts to make this dream a reality by creating 1,000+ fully. Equipped TeleMedicine Clinics over next 5 years. We will engage Highly qualified health professionals, to extend their services to these distant locations across rural and suburban Pakistan and around. The world through technology. We shall strive to make this world a better place to live by minimizing the pain and problems in health sector.

CEO’s Message

Nazir Ahmed Vaid

The world is experiencing a third revolution of human history. After agricultural and industrial revolutions, we are in the middle of information and communication technology revolution, where everything is changing rapidly. Healthcare is also introducing modern technology in the processes to enhance efficiency and comfort to the patient. Pakistan is lagging behind in application of these modern solutions. UHealth will endeavor to introduce the latest, globally researched and proven solutions in Pakistan. UHealth has been serving underserved areas like Thar and rural Sindh & Punjab through TeleMedicine Networks in a humble way since 2005. Now we are taking it aggressively to extend quality healthcare across Pakistan and beyond. We have acquired UHealth Hospital in Islamabad to make it a launching pad. First, we are improving the facility and then will engage highly qualified health professionals to offer consultancy through 50 TeleMedicine Clinics. Being created in upper Punjab and AJ&K. From 2022 we shall commence expansion of our network to extend our services across Pakistan. Our TeleMedicine Clinics will be equipped with clinical assessment gadgets and investigative tools to collect all required clinical data of the patient and share real time with the Physicians and Surgeons to provide professional advice. The staff in these distant clinics will be trained to perform minor procedures. Medicines will also be provided at these distant clinics. Ultrasound, fetal doppler and pathology will also be available at these Distant Clinics. For major procedures, patients will be transferred to or secondary or tertiary care facilities.

Director’s Message

Noman Latif Chaudhry

Allah provides for every life HE creates. Man creates imbalance due to greed. Our group has always worked to bridge this gap between those who have more than they need and others who are deprived. We feel health sector really needs to be kept in focus to reduce the miseries of poor. If a person is sick in a rural area, he/she is at the mercy of the quacks, midwives or spiritual healers. When he/she is serious he has to travel to metropolitan facility which cause more trauma and financial challenge. UHealth has emerged to bring quality healthcare to the doorsteps of these ignored people. As a beginning we have taken over a General Hospital in Islamabad, which will be. the HUB to support the spokes we shall create all over the unserved rural Pakistan. This is an ambitious program, but with the support of every concerned Pakistani, we shall transform the healthcare in Pakistan to an efficient, accessible and affordable level.

CMO’s Message

Dr. Rauf Ashraf

I am working in Alternative Medicine space and am based in L.A. California. I am connected with a leading Stem Cell Research Group. Stem Cell Therapy has proven to be a miracle cure for most of the degenerative diseases. I frequently visit Pakistan and always felt the huge gaps in healthcare systems. I have been discussing different options to improve the availability of best. Health services to the citizens of Pakistan. To start the phenomenon, we have acquired our first 70 bedded General Hospital in Islamabad. In-Sha-Allah we will convert this facility in to a “state of the art” Medical and Surgical unit offering good quality health services. Once on track, we shall replicate such units at strategic locations in Pakistan. To extend quality healthcare to suburban and rural areas, we shall develop a TeleMedicine Network equipped with the most modern technology to ensure that the Doctors can make an effective clinical and investigative assessment of the patients from a distance. Line of treatment and medicines will be provided affordably to this unserved population. We are here to introduce a paradigm shift in healthcare arena in Pakistan.

Nida Rouf

Director Training & Development.

It is indeed a great privilege for me and my team to present UHealth International Hospital. We would like to express our warmest welcome and sincere greetings to you and Thank you for choosing our hospital. The hospital has established itself as a comprehensive healthcare system in Islamabad with an idea to show our concern and commitment to our patients, corporates and referring specialists. The facilities available at UHealth International Hospital provides high quality health care and commitment & the same are backed by well trained & dedicated hospital team members. We do our best to give hygienic medical, surgical and nursing care and advice to each of our patients in an ethical atmosphere of compassion and care.
We envision a future marked by growth, fulfilling our mission to provide the best and most comprehensive health care to our society, from our state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technology to our rural clinics going nationwide with quality health care & educational programs, UHelath International Hospital has a commitment to serve the nation with easy convenient quality health care. We strive hard by constantly acquiring modern techniques, knowledge, skills and upgrade ourselves to keep pace with what is new in the field. We hope you will extend the benefit of our facilities and enjoy this brief journey with our hospital.

Director Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Zahooruddin

At UHealth we are proud to offer advanced regenerative medicine procedures here to help the patients saying goodbye to surgical treatments. Modern biological researches have already brought completely safe and non-surgical treatments to the world through stem cell rejuvenation procedures. We’re Pakistan’s leading healthcare center to bring such a ground-breaking medical discovery to the country that has the potential to treat more than 82 chronic diseases and illnesses.
Regenerative medicine procedures are the ground-breaking biological advancement that has made possible non-surgical and fully organic way of treatment. UHealth International Hospital is offering this amazing treatment here in Pakistan.
Stem cells help stimulate the body’s natural regenerative process that usually gets affected due to chronic diseases and health conditions. Conventional treatments and surgeries cannot perform such an organic rejuvenation of dead cells and tissues in the body that stem cell therapy offers. Doubtlessly, stem cell therapy and PRP injections are the long-awaited treatment methods that can work beyond mere pain management and relieving the discomfort caused by diseases, injuries, and internal damages.

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